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Netzeitgeist Design is located near Santa Fe in New Mexico. With alpine forests, vast mesas, volcanic rock formations, whitewater rivers and tranquil lakes, northern New Mexico is a steady source of inspiration for artists and designers. The shapes and colors of the surrounding landscape offer an endless supply of beautiful images that can be incorporated into a website in numerous ways.

About Us

Jessica Rath does website design and development. She is committed to creating sites that are easy to navigate, functional and accessible, as well as artistically pleasing. Her designs are built using Cascading Style Sheets (css) in combination with web standards recommendations, which assures cross browser compatibility, fast page loads, search engine optimization, and effortless future redesigns. With expertise and enthusiasm, she will work with you to meet your specific requirements and business objectives.

Peter Rowntree, CTO of Howling Dynamo Inc. and our technical lead, is a senior software developer who has built web-based custom applications since 1996. With his consummate knowledge of programming technologies such as php, Java programming, javaScript, as well as mySQL database management, he can provide interactive solutions for a dynamic and innovative web presence. Peter thrives on problems which others have given up as unsolvable. He will find a creative way utilizing the latest technologies.

Give free reign to your wildest dreams, and let us make them reality!

About the Name

Zeitgeist is a German word that signifies the intellectual and cultural climate of an era, or the taste and outlook characteristic of a period or generation. Applied to the World Wide Web and the Internet, we use this concept to refer to designs that capture both the unique characteristics of your business or project as well as the general attributes of the time and the environment you find yourself in. Rather than following momentary fashion trends, the site we build for you will have a lasting appeal. At the same time, it combines the latest functionality with a fresh look.

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