We Offer:

Website development and design
We will work with you to create the unique look that conveys the unique character of your business. Our services will match the content you wish to present with the particular style and appearance tailored to the viewers you intend to reach.

Clear navigation
Your website will be organized in a consistent and logical manner. Visitors should be able to easily navigate up and down, from main- to sub-pages and back, without getting lost.

Content management
With our custom-built Dynamic Editor you can easily update your pages without having to know any code or script-language.

Should you decide to use one of the many free templates to build your site but feel overwhelmed by the process, we can show you how to add pages, images, text etc. so it looks professional and attractive. Or, we can do it for you in a fraction of the time you'd have to spend.

Our high performance servers run on Linux (Apache, MySQL, PHP) with guaranteed 99% uptime.

Technical skills
• css
• hand-crafted xml/xhtml
• XSL/XPath
• JavaScript
• direct xml gets & posts
• dynamic XSLT
• direct DOM manipulation
• client-side Java
• cross-browser compatibility
• php
• server-side Java
• Apache configuration

“The visuals on the website all look so inviting and really great. Fantastic job!! Everything looks ALIVE and vibrant. You've chosen great photos. You really capture a fine energy. ”.

Madeline W., PMTNM, Los Alamos, NM

“I think the site looks wonderful. So professional. Personally, I love it. ”.

Mary T., Abiquiu Volunteer Fire Department, Abiquiu, NM

“Thank you... the site is everything I had hoped for. Beautiful, informative, easily navigated...”.

William Grace Frost, Wedding Labyrinths, Asheville, NC

“I am very glad to have such a pretty creative site... Thank you for all your wonderful work”.

Susan Rook-Thomas MFT, Berkeley, CA

“I'm just so proud of our website... THANK YOU. It has been a pleasure working with you”.

Bernadette Gallegos, Abiquiu, NM

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